Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Backyard Renovation

Before the digging to level, as you may be able to see the ground is very wet and consists of clay.
After leveling the yard by hand as there was no way to get our mini digger in. It was an difficult task due to rain and the sub surface consisting of clay, & builders waste. Finally we had the yard level and the area prepared for turfing, with our underlay rolledout and leveled we rolled the are, to ensure the turf will take level.
This area is essentelly a dog run, providing the childern with an area free from the dogs. It also is part of the retaining wall required to level out the yard.
Now with. The yard turfed the focus can be on cleaning the area of mud and dirt left over from all the rain. As when the deck is installed it is important that the deck is applied in a clean environment.

Here we are installing the uprights for the decking that will trace around the back of the pond angive axcess to the ponds filter.
This area is assigned to being a deck that will house a shead, with decking tracing around the pond to the shead area.
This area will be housing a coi fish pond 2.4 meters x 2.1 meters x .900 deep it will be sunken into the ground and ris up throught the timber decking surounding it.
We had to install a block wall suround to ensure the stability of the fiberglass insert.
Her is a view of the pond fitted into the block wall.

At the entrance to the back yard, there is a alley way.
The deck is comming together , now.

The sandstone is being attached to the sides of the masonry pond wall.





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