Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tree Removal Dead Peppercorn Tree

This Peppercorn tree was in Summer hill Sydney. It had rott all thruought the stem of the tree from the base to the last remaining limbs. It trully was a risk to the fallily of four that lved with it. This is a classic example of a tree the really needed to go.
We climbed this tree as it had poor axcess for our platform host, and had to set up ullys and blocks to encsue the tree came down safe without damage to property. Note please when ever climbinga tree in such condition be extreamly carefull of the dangers, as any limb could give way at any moment.
About Pepper Corn treeSchinus molle )
Schinus molle is a quick growing evergreen tree that grows 15 meters (50 feet) tall and 5–10 meters (16–33 feet) wide. It is the largest of all Schinus species and potentially the longest lived. The upper branches of the tree tend to droop.The tree's pinnately compound leaves measure 8–25 cm long × 4–9 cm wide and are made up of 19-41alternate leaflets.Male and female flowers occur on separate plants (dioecious).Flowers are small, white and borne profusely in panicles at the ends of the drooping branches. The fruit are 5–7 mm diameter round drupes with woody seeds that turn from green to red, pink or purplish,carried in dense clusters of hundreds of berries that can be present year-round. The rough grayish bark is twisted and drips sap. The bark, leaves and berries are aromatic when crushed.

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